My Research

Selected publications

Colaiacomo, S., & Havemann, L. (2022). IDEAS (Inspirations for Digital Engagement Activities) to support the teaching practice of early career academics. Postgraduate Pedagogies2(1), 156-171.

Havemann, L. and Roberts, V. (2021). Pivoting Open? Pandemic Pedagogy and the Search for Openness in the Viral Learning Environment. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2021.

Kuhn, C., Havemann, L., Koseoglu, S. and Bozkurt, A. (2021), “Three Lenses on Lurking: Making Sense of Digital Silence”, Hoffman, J. and Blessinger, P. (Ed.) International Perspectives in Online Instruction (Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Vol. 40), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 83-93. (open access version)

Atenas, J., Havemann, L., Neumann, J., & Stefanelli, C. (2020). Open Education Policies: Guidelines for co-creation. London: OE Policy Lab.

Ebner, M., Schön, S., Atenas, J., Havemann, L., Nascimbeni, F., & Neumann, J. L. (2020). Ressourcen und Werkzeuge für die Entwicklung einer OER-Policy an Hochschulen. Graz, Austria: TU Graz.

Atenas, J., Havemann, L., and Timmermann, C. (2020). Critical literacies for a datafied society: academic development and curriculum design in higher education. Research in Learning Technology, 28.

Koseoglu, S., Bozkurt, A. & Havemann, L. (2020) Critical Questions for Open Educational Practices, Distance Education, 41(2), pp. 153-155. [Editorial for Special Issue] (open access version)

Tur, G., Havemann, L., Marsh, D., Keefer, J. M., & Nascimbeni, F. (2020). Becoming an open educator: towards an open threshold framework. Research in Learning Technology28.

Havemann, L. (2020). Open in the Evening: Openings and Closures in an Ecology of Practices. In: Conrad, D. and Prinsloo, P., eds. Open(ing) Education: Theory and Practice. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Sense, pp. 329–344. (open access version)

Atenas, J., Havemann, L., Nascimbeni, F., Villar-Onrubia, D., & Orlic, D. (2019). Fostering Openness in Education: Considerations for Sustainable Policy-Making. Open Praxis, 11(2), 167–183.

Atenas, J. and Havemann, L. (2019) Open Data Sectors and Communities: Education In: Davies, T., Walker, S., Rubinstein, M., and Perini, F., eds. The State of Open Data: Histories and Horizons, Cape Town and Ottawa: African Minds and International Development Research Centre. (OA pdf) (OA web)

Havemann, L. and Sherman, S., eds. (2017) Assessment, Feedback and Technology: Contexts and Case Studies in Bloomsbury. London, UK: Bloomsbury Learning Environment. 

Havemann, L. (2016) Open educational resources. In: Peters, M.A. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory: Living Edition. Singapore, Springer. (open access version)

Peake, S.J., Rushworth, L. and Havemann, L. (2016) Birkbeck for all: joined-up thinking on accessibility [web resource]. London, UK: Birkbeck, University of London and Launchpad Assistive Technology.

Atenas, J., Havemann, L, and Priego, E. (2015) Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Towards transversal skills and global citizenship. Open Praxis 7 (4), 377-389.

Atenas, J. and Havemann, L., eds. (2015) Open data as open educational resources: case studies of emerging practice. London, Open Education Working Group.

Atenas, J. and Havemann, L., (2014) Questions of quality in repositories of open educational resources: a literature review. Research in Learning Technology 22.

Atenas, J., Havemann, L. and Priego, E. (2014) Opening teaching landscapes: the importance of quality assurance in the delivery of open educational resources. Open Praxis 6 (1), 29-43.

Atenas, J., & Havemann, L. (2013). Quality Assurance in the Open: An Evaluation of OER Repositories. INNOQUAL – International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning, 1(2).

Selected  presentations

Kuhn, C., Havemann, L., Koseoglu, S., Bozkurt, A., & Watling, S. (2019). Recentering open for those at the margins: three lenses on lurking. Presented at: OER19: Recentering Open. Galway, Ireland, 10-11 April.

Havemann, L. and Charles, E. and Sherman, S. and Rodgers, S. and Barros, J. (2019) A multitude of modes: considering ‘blended learning’ in context. London, CDE RIDE conference, 15 March.

Havemann, L. and Atenas, J. (2017) OER and use of open data to develop transversal and citizenship skills. 2nd World Open Educational Resources Congress: OER for Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education: From Commitment to Action. Ljubljana, 18-20 September.

Atenas, J. and Havemann, L. and Kernohan, D. (2016) Open data as open education . OpenCon Community Webcasts.


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